Cinema & Restaurant Dilemma


I have a 2 years old and a 8 mo. babies and we've been taking them to the movies many times. They've been good every time we went to watch a movie. It is fun taking kids to the movies and restaurants. It's expected that kids will make noises.

It was Wednesday night, we went out to eat with friends... When we got inside the restaurant, that's when my dilemma started. My baby boy just couldn't stop crying! He's screaming at the top of his lungs. It was hot and I figured he's probably just sweaty so I took off his shirt but unfortunately, he's still fussy. I went to the bathroom and fed him while everybody was taking their orders. After awhile, my son was fine but it didn't last that long... (SIGH) Even-though it was very frustrating, I was so proud of my daughter. She gave me no headaches, she ate her food by herself, the way she held the spoon for her soup was just so cute and she really made my frustrations go away. After we had our fun dinner, we went straight to the movie theater and got a Men in Black ticket. So we went ahead and watched it. The movie wasn't even half done and they both went crazy over mommy. And I tried my best to keep them calm until I lose my patience. I walked out furious! We've been planning to take them to watch the coming Ice Age movie but now we're having second thoughts.

A hunan beef 
a short grocery shopping
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