Baby Bliss

Baby Bliss: My Tiny Lil Ones


Little fingers, wrapped in mine
Little fingers all entwined.
Little cheeks, little nose
Little eyes, little toes.
Little lips, little teeth
Little hair, little feet.
Little shoulders, little arms
Little elbows little charms.
Little shoes, little socks
Tiny little wooden blocks.
Little noises, little shrills
Little squeals, little chills.
Little toys, everywhere
Little toys, here and there.
Little blanket in their lap,
And those precious little naps.
Read them little books,
Get grateful little looks.
Sing them sweet little songs,
Tell them you love them, all day long.
Little kisses, little hugs
Love it when their snuggle bugs.
Little girl, little boy
Love my tiny Little Ones.

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