8 months

Just Another Day in Paradise!


My little Jj has just turned 8 months. He is a spoiled rotten little chipmunk. Everytime he screams because he wanna be held, his dad always blaming mommy for spoiling him. I love spoiling my little worms just like my first born. His hair is getting longer and uneven in spots that needs a cut to shape his pixie. He loves to suck his toe, likes to play with his sister sometimes they fight over a toy. His favorite word is "MAMA".  He sits by himself, and crawls like a worm hahaha and he's now trying to stand up. Last night, I caught him trying to crawl into his sister's little couch and sadly, he fell down all the time and I couldn't help to laugh while sneaking up on his room and watching his frustrations.  (Those fun photos taken a couple months ago). I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW TIME HAS FLOWN.

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