Carmel Color

7 Side Effects of a Soda


Phosphoric Acid- Weakens bones and rots teeth
Excessive artificial sweeteners makes you crave more
Carmel Color- Made from the chemical caramel, is purely cosmetic, it doesn't add flavor yet is tainted with carcinogens.
Formaldehyde- Carcinogen, it is not added in soda but when you digest aspartame, it will break down into 2 amino acids and methanol, formic acid- formaldehyde (diet sodas)
High Fructose Corn Syrup Concentrated form of sugar, fructose derived from corn. It increases body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides and it also makes you hungry.
Potassium Benzoate- preservative that can be broken down the benzene in your body. Keep your soda in the sun and benzene- Carcinogen 
Food Dyes- impaired bran function, hyperactive behavior, difficulty focussing , lack of impulse control

source: earth we are one

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