Just Another Day in Paradise

A Simple Birthday Celebration


Yesterday, was my husbands birthday.  Here's our little surprise for him.  I grabbed my daughter and made her hold the paper that has "Happy Birthday Daddy!" written on it.  It was just a simple celebration.  I did not cook anything and he slept all afternoon.  He got up around seven and he drove us at The Outback Steakhouse.  We had fun though all we did was just eat. We enjoyed the food, the fun times together and that's all that matters.

Me: Baby, baby, hold the paper for mommy!
Jazz: Oh wait mommy, is your camera on? 
( She actually didn't say anything, I'm just making fun of her.)
Jazz: Hurry up mommy! take a good picture of me mommy... quick. quick. quick. SMILE!

Okay, I'm done! 

And we got this posted on Facebook which was just part of our simple surprise.

When I moved my son to the high chair and guess who took his place...

He's just happy as can be.

My little guy who hates his high chair

She's trying to calm him down... and she's like "hush Jj" as she rocked the car seat and showed him the movie that was playing on my iPhone.


Ang Aking Tanging Yaman

Happy Wordless Wednesday Everyone!

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