Just Another Day in Paradise

To my mother who did a terrific job!


"Not finding your mom in the supermarket... No matter how old you are, it's always a reason to panic."

Hello America, Hello World! Thank God It's FRIDAY! Time flies so fast when you're having fun. I had fun blogging, grilling, cleaning, and most of all, I had fun spending time with my family.  I have to come up with an idea what we're going to do tomorrow. We've been watching movies most of the day. We may go out and eat and maybe just play video games. I know that sounds boring. Anyway, I was on Facebook and when I saw the quotes above, it reminds me of my mother. My God, I know that I have kids already and married and I still miss my mother terribly. Unfortunately, she's on the other side of the world. Though she's just a phone call away, but I still miss her. How I wish she live a few blocks away. 

My mother and I used to shop together... and everytime we go out to go grocery shopping, I just can't help worrying about her. I am a short tempered kind of person and I always end up looking for her and she can tell when I am mad because she can see it on my face. I actually FROWN all the time once I am frustrated, mad, angry, furious and most especially when the sun rays appear right in front of me.

"Thanks Ma"

Without you, mom where would I be?
Through hard times you were there for me.
You raised me up the best you could
and taught me all you know about good.
You were strong through all the stress I caused.
You were always willing to put your life on pause.
So I thank you mom for always being there for me.
Because without you where would I be?

Source: Thanks Mom, Mother Poem 

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  3. What a great reminder of how great moms are! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments:)

  4. So sweet!!

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