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Wordless Wednesday: General Cleaning


So, I've decided to stay up all night tonight since I gotta lot of things to do. I haven't start my laundry yet but I got my dishes done :D so that's a good start. My husband is still up and he's busy playing his game called 'Dark Age of Camelot' and he's been begging for something to eat and I've been ignoring him. I was busy doing running errands. I'm taking a break right now :D (that's my smile from ear to ear) I still have to put the groceries away. We went grocery shopping today and we stopped at Arby's to grab something to eat. 

Anyway, It's gonna be a long day for me tomorrow. We'll see how long I can handle it. I usually doze off if I can't get any sleep. But it's alright... I'm just glad I got our lawn mowed today though it's not even totally done because our lawn mower just suddenly quit working. It was really frustrating when I tried to work on it. 

she's actually dancing when the 'Simply Irresistible' playing

sound asleep at Arby's

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2 lovely thoughts

  1. gotta get that man running errands or running to Arbys!
    your children are beautiful!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy WW!

  2. :D thank you.. and yes I followed your blog! see you around :D


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