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On Fate


A woman can hope. Sometimes a woman can't help but hope. For now, I want to keep my thoughts to myself. I don't inevitably write my deepest thoughts into the whole world. I usually write when I am accepting tasks, anxious, frustrated and sometimes just random things. I am hoping that everything is going to work out just fine. But in all honesty, I am not expecting to grow flowers in the desert. If ever things won't work as we planned, there's always another option.

Anyway, something helped to lift my spirit. The God's Daily Message: "You are a success. Look at your progress, look what you've overcome, and look at the way your choices have changed in learning through the path you've been on." (I'm slowly melting!) I can't help but to look back at those times when everything seems IMPOSSIBLE. I was impressed with myself when I got all the things figured out. "Dang, I'm not a complete idiot!" A grin spreads to my fat face until it becomes big. "Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!" and wanting to jump because I never thought that this could happen?!

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