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I have been working a lot on this blog this past few days, and I get to the point that I get tired so I decided to take a break. So I tried to spend time with my kids instead of stay mad because I couldn't figure something out in here. Oh well. I open up my calendar and come to find out it's 5 more days to go until my son's 1st birthday. It's just so hard to believe that he's turning 1. For real?! Where did the time go? He's not a tiny a baby anymore. It's just quite unbelievable to me. 

watching Ice Age
 Right when I saw this last night, I was going loco. I played their most favorite movie, Ice Age on my phone. Then, I yelled on my husband to bring his phone so that I can get a quick snap. It's hard to take a picture on little people because they move a lot.

Babies On Board
I feel like reminiscing! This is when my Jazz was only 18 months old, and my Jj was running 4 months. We were on our trip to the Philippines. It was their first time on the plane. I would say she was good but it didn't last that long. It was quite adventurous. I confess there was a time that I want to cry so bad. Imagine being on a plane for few hours, and move to other plane for 13 hours. It was a nightmare though I got so much help from my husband, but still it wasn't fun.

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