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Last night, I stayed up so late. I was just having fun with my husband. Relaxing. Net surfing. While my little boogers are sound asleep. What a wonderful feeling.

I had coffee in the middle of the night, right after we got home from family night out. I have not had coffee for a while and I am just missing it. Feels like I am going nuts without it. So we stopped at Walmart and I grabbed some coffee and I sneaked on the clothing area and I also grabbed a blouse to wear on my little boy's birthday. I don't actually shop at Walmart so often on clothing because I would rather spend the money on a big sale somewhere else like Gap, Underarmour, The Children's Place, VS, Forever 21, Kmart and etc. But sometimes I love to go hauling at Walmart when they have a clearance on childrens clothing. Gosh, it's soooo cheap.

Anyway, I spent my sleepless night last night on Pinterest. I have been pinning a lot.

picture from Kmart
Oh well. I have been obsessed with this boots from Kmart, a few weeks ago, it dropped to $24 so I've waited for a while because I was thinking maybe they will lower the price some more but the next thing I know, it went up to $34.99. My God, I got so mad. So what I did, I went ahead and buy it for I may lose it if they run out of stock.

I took a screenshot from Walmart's website
This is what I grabbed while I was at Walmart. I couldn't decide which one to pick, and since I had so much pink tops, I picked the blacksoot color (as what they call it). It's $12 and I don't know if it's worth the price. But you know, it just came out. I just wished it was cheaper but I was in so much hurry and I kinda like the style anyway.

I have been waiting for the Pinterest to work, but right this moment, their "server is experiencing a mild case of the hiccups" (according to their site). I would love to share the stuff that I pinned last night. I just loved them.

And here's some uplifting quotes that I found on Pinterest. I got it saved on my iPhoto last night. I've been saving quotes/pictures and I will post it one of this days when I get a chance. Anyway, I gotta go. See you next time folks. Thank you for dropping by.

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