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A thought had occurred to me for quite a long time to share this with you. Ever since we changed our diet, we have been putting herbs in every food we eat. I want a healthy life style and so does my husband. We mostly eat salad and I mix some herbs with the dressing that I make. As well as the juice in our blender.

We get to the point where we realized on how much we spent on herbs for such a tiny bottle every time we do some grocery shopping. One time, my husband made me looked up some Indian recipe online, I eventually end up looking for herbs that is needed for the recipe and it took me to the website where everything is organic. So he looked it up on his computer too and he was just happy as he can be because he found what he wanted. We made the purchase right on that day including the facial mask for me to try, a shampoo, conditioner, and a few more things like restorative skin oil, some moisturizing lotion, and herbal oil organic. (I'm going to write a blog post about it probably next week) I am pretty sure these herbs we just bought from them will last us for a very long time.

I am just glad we found their website. This may sound crazy but I also put them on the meat that I grill, bake, and fry. If you found this helpful, you can go ahead visit their website '' and you may find something that you might like.

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