Just Another Day in Paradise

Yay, it's the weekend again!


It has been a long day for us today. We went down town to take care some important matters. Then, we drove to Best Buy because Santa has been wanting to buy me a tripod for my D-SLR Camera. We stayed there longer than I thought. Just looking around. Like something that we want to have someday.

Anyway, I just can't seem to believe how time flies so fast. Before we know it, it will be New Year. By that time, I'll still be chubby. And hardly losing weight. Hardly. Barely. I have been munching a tootsie rolls lately. Fortunately kills boredom. Well, I guess I have to start my morning with a humongous salad tomorrow. (It's how I punish myself)

I saw this at one of the restaurants here in town this morning.
iPod attack

My husband came up with this new name for my son. We are now calling him 'Monkey'. Not only that, we've been calling him different sorts of name like 'Bowling-ball-head'. Because his head is just like a bowling ball and hard as a bowling ball. It's very deadly. We've got hit many times and it hurts a lot. I got to suffer every night when I have to feed him since he's a booby baby. And the thing about it, he doesn't even feel any pain unless it's a very hard impact.
Tonight, my daughter just talked back to me when I scold her about playing on the dresser. It was very funny but I held my emotions and continue acting like I am mad. It is sure funny arguing with little people sometimes.

@Best Buy 
Santa's Christmas Gift
Oh well, that's all for now folks. Hope you all have a GORGEOUS weekend. Happy Holidays!

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