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Mother Nature, thank you for the beautiful day. Today, we made it to 100. Thank you so very much, Folks! 

Anyway, I have this kind of fixation over movies. Ever since the Redbox exists, we always rent movies from them. Tons of movies. Number 1 reason is, it's cheap. But not all movies they have are good. There was a time we rented like 5 movies and all of them sucked. Don't get me wrong, I loved Redbox until we get tired paying the rent with a ridiculous movies. I watch my show (filipino drama) online all the time. So I thought I could watch free movies online too. Everytime I click the website where I watch my drama, there's always an ad that pops up and guess what site that caught my eye, it's the 'Crackle'. Where you can watch free and uncut movies, tv series and more. Gosh, I was in heaven for a while. We watched movies like crazy. I don't know how many we watch in a day but we had FUN.

After a few months, I don't know what had happened but Crackle suddenly quit playing on me. So my husband tried to play it to his computer and it was just fine. So I thought it has something to do with my computer because I use an iMac and he uses Asus/windows. I searched and searched what was wrong why I can't watch the show but I end up watching movies from them on Youtube. But unfortunately not all their movies are on their Youtube site. I was not happy to think that my happiness is gone. There's this someone (my loving husband) who always, always help me with everything. So he looked and looked online and found this 'website' that's just like the Crackle. 'Til then, my happiness continues.

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  3. Congratulations reaching 100 followers! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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