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All parts of the world face crippling issues, like child abuse. In the United States alone, at least five children die daily as a result of abuse. Child abuse is made up of my stages, beginning with neglect. Abuse is also not just physical, but mental and emotional. There is also a huge issue of medical neglect tied in. Even those who escape from child abuse, find themselves trapped in the cycle of abuse, going as far as abusing their own children. Statistics show that child abuse leads to many levels of substance abuse and emotional, social and pathological issues.
In 1998, Arizona introduced a program in the Phoenix metropolitan area that was to become a safe haven for victims of child abuse. The Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona provides many different levels of assistance, including prevention, investigation and treatment most importantly. Since 2010, nearly 1,300 children have been served, as well as more than 3,000 service units provided. Service units include therapy sessions, recreation program, literacy and computer lab program, garden club, and special friends program.
Children are given a second chance with the help of the CCCA and thankfully for the help of the community as well, Phoenix children that have been put through abuse and neglect are learning to live fully and lovingly. Childhelp is available 24 hours a day, with their staff including specialists with Master’s level clinicians.
Another unique Arizona based child abuse community is Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). The organization works with community resources to protect children who feel unsafe in their environment. The mission of BACA is to provide children with the family structure that may be lacking in their home, coming from the abuse. They believe there is no giving up and depending on the situation, will be present in the home of child. They are there as an emotional and physical bodyguard to the child. While physical violence is absolutely out of the question, they believe any steps are necessary if it means saving the life of a vulnerable child.
The bikers will take rides in the community to spread their message and they truly are present in every aspect from beginning to end. The children are adopted into their own biker family. BACA has an international presence as well, spanning to Australia, Italy, Canada and more. The organization truly encompasses the compassion of those who believe in taking a stand against cruelty and abuse towards innocent children. 
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