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How's your weekend, everyone? As for me, it was good. I had a wonderful time alone though it was just a couple of hours. My husband took the kids to eat and they actually had fun. So, that was a nice short break.

Well, I have been watching movies online for free and I sometimes fuss over a movie that sucks. Just don't mind me ranting and raving. Anyways, I am actually counting the days, the nights 'til The Walking Dead show. I am sure I am not the only one who's crazy over this show. What drove me nuts are the shocking deaths and the zombies, of course. And oh, speaking about zombies, there's a movie of Brad Pitt that I wanted to watch in the theater, but, I don't think I can watch it with my kids. The last time I watched the trailer was overwhelming. The zombies were fast and furious. Gosh, it shocked me and it suddenly raised my blood and made my hands sweat. I know it's nuts but I ain't kidding around. Something just ain't right with me, huh! I am convinced and dying to watch it. My biggest fear is we're not gonna able to finish the whole thing because going out in the movies especially with young kids usually don't turn out good. We'll see. I may just have to drag myself to the theater soon.

Anyway, I have been so stressed over my e-mail address lately because I just don't remember it. That's why I end up making new ones. It's just stupid. There were times that I can fully remember my username/e-mail address,  but not my password. I just thank God for refreshing my rusted brain.

Oh, well, that's all that I know. I couldn't think of anything else. It sounds boring, I know. I hope you'll have a wonderful day ahead. You all be safe.
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