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July Favorites and Reviews


Today, I am going to share the stuff that I love for this month. 
Ozark Trail for four person
We just recently purchased this at Walmart. My husband and I really like the tent. We had no trouble installing the tent and it has been sitting in our yard for weeks now and so far, it holds well in the rain. Also, it is sturdy and it's worth the money. 

Avon Skin So Soft | Scar Zone Silicone Spray | Top Care Scar Gel | Bio Oil 
I have been so depressed with my stretch marks, scars all over my legs for past two years (from the bug bites). So I've decided to try different kinds of products to test which one will actually works the best.
Anyways, I have been using the Avon Skin So Soft on my kids and I bought like four of them so that I have a spare in case I misplace the others. | I don't care so much for the Scar Zone Silicone Spray. To me, it was just so so but, I will still keep using it until it's gone. | I have been using the Top Care products for months except the scar gel which I just applied a few days ago. I liked their product and they're quite effective. | I was kind of hesitating to try the Bio Oil because it was a little bit pricy but it's my number one recommendation so far. I am very happy with the result. My stretch marks are fading away as well as my scars. I am thankful that my husband forced me to get it. 

Aeropostale tie-dye maxi dress
Oh, I love this maxi dress. As a reward to myself, I bought this online after I wrote my previous sponsored blog post. But it's a little bit long and I am afraid that I will step on it, fall down even if I'll wear a high heeled shoes. Lol. But, I am getting anxious to wear this dress once in a while.

"A spoonful of savings!"  -disneystore
My daughter is getting excited to have her disney princess backpack. These are the items that we want for them to have because it's personalizable except the luggage. Since Jazz already has her princess towel with her name on it and got her a little luggage last year, now it's Jj's time to get his while they're on sale.
Okay, Folks, that's all I can share for now. Hope to see you, soon. Y'all be safe.

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  1. I LOVE Bio Oil! It has so many uses. I currently use it on my face and neck for extra hydration. I like the fact that it absorbs quickly and it isn't too oily.
    Love your reviews! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products.


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