Just Another Day in Paradise

Mama's whining, again.


Gosh, I whine a lot and you just don't know it. Sigh! Life of the party.

While I was moving some stuff upstairs to get ready to move our puppies, I found a cookbook. I have always, always love to eat and as I went through the pages, I just thought I may have to try to make some one of these days. It was mouth watering while I was reading, turning pages of the new addition of my addiction.

Anyway, I have been so cranky lately. It seems like nothing works right for me. One. Our dryer has been quitting on us like 5-6 times now. We've been throwing away like 100 bucks just for the part. What a pain in the butt. Well, at least Mr. Sun helps me dry off my laundry which I enjoy it anyway. Two. My iPhoto somehow won't sync to my Facebook. I've attempted to fix it, did some changes through the settings on Facebook, but still no resolution. Okay, I gotta stop whining. I know, it's not worth the time to dwell on something that's just teensy-weensy. Instead, I should focus on the brighter side. Ignore the negative vibes to prevent wrinkles and such.

Here's some pictures attached from our little camping. If you love kids, then, you'd enjoy the pure silliness and random things they do. So here you go.

Mama's IOS Photos.

 My son Jj is super duper obsessed with the Ice Age series. As you can see, his face is on the screen. Who does that?

I just thought I needed to at least take a photo with his hair like this. I know I tie them most of the time now because it blocks his whole face. 

My Jazz loves to draw now. So, according to her, that's what I look like. :D She's just precious. Of course, all daughters are. 

So, have I claimed that she's my fashion icon? Hahaha. She's using one of my necklaces that didn't get sold.

Okay, Folks, thank you for dropping by. Hope y'all have a great day today. Be safe, always.
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