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We had a little blast last night. The kids crawled in bed late, it rained all day and everybody was just lazy. I spent most of my time working on my blog and had 3 cups of coffee to help me stay wired. Later on, my husband got home and went straight to bed but he woke up a few hours later and went to Taco Bell. So we got to stay up for a while for the food to arrive.  
It just tickles me every time I have a conversation with my daughter. She speaks a complete sentence now and she's trying her best to communicate with us. It's cute when she says "No! Stop, please!" and I know from the cute tone of her voice she's begging. When she does something bad, she always claimed that it's Jj who did it. It usually pained her to admit that she's done something wrong and you can feel that she's gonna start crying. She constantly likes to asks for hugs after she's done crying and wipe her snot right on your shirt. Lol. All the time and she's good at that. (I just started calling her our swiper, no swiping!)  
Jazz and Jj likes to run around naked. My Gosh, it crazy! Jj will start taking off his diaper and start running while mumbling and Jazz thinks it's cool so she'll take hers off too and do the same thing. Jj just thinks he is the coolest guy in the world. I swear. He always lends me a grin every time he climbs up anywhere (totally naked), and I'm like "what kind of expression he's wearing?" standing in front of him stunned with my eyes widened. He is sure a monkey. We call him now, "Monk" (for short). I want to get mad but I laughed hard instead. I just can't help it. How can I? Basically, that's my everyday life.  
Every child is different and I just realized that. I always compare them which is not right. Before when it was just me and Jazz, all my attention went all to her so I got to spent more time teaching her more words, showing her how to do this and that. My mind just gotten small worrying about Jj lately because he hasn't been saying new words. I've got to stop and give him some time. Though he's been interacting very well lately, he understands us and that's what's important. 
I was quite surprise when I saw Jj's short hair. He sure looks a little different and the rest are just recent photos. My husband thinks he has a new tooth coming. Yay, that means, more teeth to grind mama's nipples. When Jj is full, no matter how difficult for him to get comfortable, once he is tired, he'll pass right out even if there's food in his mouth. It's a good thing that we don't let them have some snack foods in their bedroom.  
Jazz got her first bike for her third birthday. We got her the disney princess, so it matches her bed, back pack, luggage and everything. It makes me wonder sometimes how toddlers likes to play with dead leaves, twigs, bath cups, dirt while they have their own toys? If I should've known that, man. Well, I still love to spoil them every once in a while, even if it's just a simple present, once you'll take it to them, they'll sure get overwhelmed.

I saw this on Facebook one time and I couldn't remember who I got it from. It's exactly what I need to mold myself into a better mother to my children. I am planning to print this out or frame it probably. So what do you think? 
My husband's birthday is coming up and so is mine. We've been teasing each other; "the wrinklier the raisin, the sweeter the fruit" all the darn time. It's like non-stop.  We make fun to each other all the time. Anyway, I sure don't know what to give him though. 
Well, I am getting anxious going to the lake. I know that I am gonna have a blast and I'm gonna make the best out of it. (I miss going to the lake.) There's gonna be a lot of picture taking, eating, and laughing. Anyway, I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to those who always dropped by through all this time. To all of you, thank you. Now, my free time has expired. Gtg! I hope you'll have a beautiful hair day today. Be safe. Adios Mis Amigos.

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