Just Another Day in Paradise

One Fine Day


I woke up this morning in Jazz's bedroom with my monkey right next to me eating his breakfast (he's a booby baby) while my princess was busy doing selfie (a genre of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone)
I was chuckled with amusement listening to her saying "smiow Jazz… smiow!" (it's  how she says smile) using my phone. I have to beg first before she'll give it back to me. We went through all the pictures that she took this morning and I saw myself feeding my monkey, I saw several pictures of Jj and it looks like she had my phone for a while while I was sound asleep.
So we all got up right after I changed their diapers. Jazz is potty trained but not Jj. I went ahead make them some baked chicken with tortilla and cheese. What makes me grin is when Jj hides his chicken right next to him like he's keeping it for later.
Anyways, I have been on twitter a lot. I get to the point where I am on it even if I am not using a wifi. I am totally hooked. Well, there's all sorts of things that I have been doing on twitter. Like following back my followers, tweeting some inspirational quotes, relatable quotes, and stalking celebrities. Those are just random things that make my day. Blogging has been helping me a lot. In a way that it helps me relax even if I don't earn so much money. Just expressing my thoughts, emotions, my life on a daily basis just makes me happy. It sound so simple, but my biggest struggle to overcome is I don't want to neglect my responsibilities. This only proves that blogging is cheaper than therapy.

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  1. Aw you description of the morning scene was sweet. :)

    I like Twitter too. I checked and I'm following you there. Visiting today from Super Sunday Sync.


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