Just Another Day in Paradise

One Quiet Morning


I love, love the wind outside. I'd like to enjoy it but I just don't know how long I can handle this sneezing and runny nose problem. It just started this morning and I am about to go insane every-time I feel this tingling sensation inside of my nose (that only made my frown deepen). My goodness, I don't want to whine early in the morning but I guess I just did. Oh well, I couldn't fall back to sleep and they're still asleep so this is eventually the perfect time to write a blog post. I like it when I am all alone in my computer because I can think and everything is just quiet. But when the rest of them are up, that's the time I become a chubby-ninja. Which also means that my perfect-quiet-time is over. Also, my soap opera will turn into Dora The Explorer, Max and Ruby, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi and etc. Sigh!

Usually my husband takes over when he thinks I need a break. He sometimes take them for a ride, and that's when I suddenly feel lonely and start missing them. The loud noise that they make, the giggles, the stomps. And what kills me is when they see me, they get so excited as you see those big cheeks with big grins, and big hugs. How can I live without them? Life is just amazing. And I wish that they will just stay small. 

 That crazy hairstyle is tickling me to the core. A lot of people we encounter thinks he is a girl. You always hear this "she's cute!" comment while my husband's face remained stoically impassive. Lol. 
She's explaining to Jj that it's not a toy. She helps me watch over him. She feeds him, gives him drinks, takes good care of him.
My camera diva. My helper. My electronic expert. My iPod and nail polish lover. 

Dang, they grow up so fast. Time has flown by with the blink of an eye. Pretty soon, they're gonna move out and start their own nest. "Kids, can you just stay with me? can you just live with Mama forever?" I still don't want them to grow up. Anyways, I'm gonna grab some coffee and start getting ready for my laundry. Well, today is just not my finest day. I am still hoping that we can patch up a few things. If all else fails, I'll just take a very long nap but who'd watch my kids? Okay, see you all later, folks. And oh, I just wanna say thank you to my new followers. You can also follow me on twitter, I always follow back. Thank you all for dropping by. 

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