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I haven't been taking my kids to their pool because last week I found a newborn snake under their pool.  My goodness, that snake was helpless but I was stunned, and there's an awkward silence before my brain functioned again.  I hate it when I see snakes.  It draws fear to me, and it makes me feel bizarre.  Same thing with the worms.  You may wonder how I am able to do gardening… well, I eventually faced my fear.  I had no choice but just deal with it.  Trust me, I am some kind of a weirdo.  That's why I hate raking our lawn because of them, too. 
Right now, I am enjoying the movies that I just moved to my iTunes.  I have been so frustrated with my digital copies, especially with Ultraviolet.  Somehow, not all the movies that includes digital copy can be move to your iTunes.  I'm like, that's why we bought digital copy so that we can watch them on iTunes.  I have learned to be careful next time.  Though, there's a small sign in every pack that says "works with iTunes" but how they expect us to see that?  They are darn small.  I guess, you'll just have to get too close to it so that you won't grab the wrong one.  We have like five more that need to be moved.
Pinterest has been my bff like a week now.  I haven't been on Facebook so much lately so I am happy with that.  I prefer to get hooked on Pinterest than Facebook to be honest.  I just don't know why.  Anyways, I did some window shopping for my kids halloween costumes and I haven't found anything yet.  Well, it's still September, so I still have a lot of time.  
Okay, Folks... this ranting and raving has to end now.  By the way, I just watched the movie Prisoners, and the movie was good and long.  And, it is a wake up call to all the parents around the globe to watch their kids closer because things like in the movies can be real and it could happen anytime anywhere.  I am now signing off.  Thank you all for dropping by and be safe, always.  Adios! 

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  1. No no no no no. I hate snakes. Ahhhh! But I love me some Pinterest. I'm a pinning fiend. It's literally my favorite website. Forget Google. I find everything on Pinterest!

  2. No no no no no. I hate snakes! Ahhhh! I love me some Pinterest though. It's literally my favorite website. Forget Google. If I need to know anything, I look on Pinterest.


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