3 years old

My daughter's selfie moments


It looks like my "Photo of the day" is doomed to failure. Anyways, I need to move on.  
It cracks me up every-time I hear her saying "smiow Jazz, smiow" she knows how to operate an iPhone and iPod's camera so whenever she gets a chance to be sneaky, she'll automatically turn it on and take constant shots.  So we've decided to take the iPod away from her when her daddy thought she erased some of her baby photos or videos just a few weeks ago, and just get her an iPad instead.  Maybe she'll have it around Christmas.  Just maybe.  We will see.  Oh, Well..  I should have known. What was I thinking?  
So there you have it, Folks! Hope y'all have a beautiful selfie day today. Be safe, always. 

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