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Hello, Folks!  Today, I am going to share the stuff that I always carry every-time we go for a short/long trip.  Half of my insanity are make up and sometimes hair make over, but I hardly put any make up now that I have two kids.  But I surely can't help it when my fixations will ultimately strike. 
I feel so lucky right when I found this Elite travel bag somewhere in our spare bedroom.  I actually know who owns it so I begged to just give it to me.  I just love the idea of how much you can store in it.  And it has a swivel hook for easy hanging. 
I got the Andis 1 1/2" ceramic flat iron just recently for my birthday.  But, before I've made a decision on owning one, I've done research first.  I've read a lot of reviews and so far, I have been loving it, and it's truly satisfying for those who want a flat iron that is not costly.  I often rely on reviews before I buy the product.  And, there's this behavior of mine to look it up online first, and compare the prices and I often end up getting it at Walmart because the chances are; the price is a little bit lower, or if you get it online, their shipping will hardly cost you anything compare to the other shopping center.
I have had my hair dryer for 3-4 years now and these hair curlers are just a year old.   They're both Conair, and so far, they've been good to me.  They're very inexpensive that's why I bought two in different sizes.  I just hope they'll stay good and last me for more years.  I don't use them as much except when there's an occasion.  Well, sometimes when I am bored.  
The reason why I started using flat iron it's because my hair just started getting very dull and getting it done in the parlor will just cost me a fortune plus my hair is long, too.  Though I am not sure how much it would cost me, but, I have been doing a little trick to make my hair look shiny and bouncy using my new lovey-dovey, Andis Ceramic Flat Iron.   So, I am just tickled to the core.    

Here's another convenient solution for your other needs.

So, this is my Travel Roll-Up Bag that was given by my sister-in-law.  Again, it didn't cost me anything.  She's an independent beauty consultant and she also gave me a couple other Mary Kay products to try.  How generous of her. The thing that I love about this bag is it's easy to clean. It also has swivel hook, and removable zippered compartments which makes it very hassle free.  It's trendy, it fits every women's personality perfectly, and definitely practical. 
Okay, Folks!  I believe that's all for now.  Thank you for dropping by and don't forget to be safe.

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  1. how cool is that travel bag, i wish i have a sister in law that will give a travel bag like this too!

    thanks for joining the fun friday blog hop egat♥ are you filipino?


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