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Welcome to our herd!


I am proud of myself that I overcame my laziness and took pictures of our herd.  We have 5 dogs in our dog pens, 3 that are inside the house, and we recently just had 5 puppies.  Sounds nuts, doesn't it? I know.  Well, we tried our best to not have anymore puppies, but someone accidentally let our one female dog loose.  We were devastated but what else could we do? 
So, this is Tazi.

She's the leader of the pack.  LOL.  Her job is to give the inside dogs some treats and asks them to go potty out in the yard.  She's fussy here because she didn't get her way so she's having her little drama. 
Below is our goat, Sandy.  She's the only one we have left, the other 3 passed away (four years ago).  She's heavy and big.  She can be a pain in a butt sometimes.  She lives in her own pen. 
I saw my Jj having a wonderful time eating his rice noodles that I made for lunch in the sun room.  I just moved their portable t.v. in  our sun room recently.  So they get to watch their movie wherever they stay in the house. 
This one is Cinni.  Tazzi's other baby.  She has a blonde hair.  We call her a "cow" because she takes so much space.  
So these are the puppies that I am talking about.  I didn't get to take a picture of all them because they were chasing me every chance they get.  There's one missing.  So better luck next time.

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