The Flashlight Friends {Product Review}


*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*  
I have been telling my daughter that I have a surprise for her, and she won't believe what's coming.  She loves surprises.  I know in my heart how she wanted to have the Flashlight Friends every time I see her jumping with excitement during the TV commercial.  Well, when you are a mom, you'll become more the observer than ever.
Unexpectedly, I have received an opportunity to write a review.  So, one of them was the Flashlight Friends, of course.  I am thankful that out of nowhere, someone made my daughter very happy.  For that, I offer my deepest thanks.  It took her a few minutes to remember what she were seeing, but when she did, it made her grin bigger with genuine excitement she hadn't thought she will have it for real.  She stared at me with her big bright brown eyes, and I thought she may be the most beautiful girl ever.  

She never stop saying that she loves Flashlight Friends ;D And oh, Flashlight Friends are available in Dragon, Penguin, Puppy, and Unicorn style with nifty little loop that lets little hands carry them around. For ages four and up. It's huggable plush animals, soft glow LED flashlight that's built in to the plush animal's belly. 
I enjoyed playing the mommy part, and I am getting another one for my son some time soon.  I have no doubt that your little girl and little boy will love this, too. You can head over to their website here

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