Spring it on, Babies!


Kids' Micah II Sandal
Fuchsia / Volt Green, $23.99
Kids' Micah II Sandal
 Espresso / Khaki, $23.99
Baya Flip Kids
Black, $15.99
Baya Flip Kids
pink Lemonade, $15.99

My husband is spoiling our kids, again. Last week, our package from crocs just arrived. I was amazed how they arrived so soon. Anyway, my kids have been wearing them a lot recently. And I am thinking of getting a pair for myself and for my husband some other time. I can't wait to take an actual picture of my kids wearing crocs sandals for my spring photo collection. So spring it on, Babies!   
Our heater has been off for days now. And we enjoyed our windows being open, and I'm going to enjoy burning leaves outside. Hhhhmm just makes me feel like I'm in the Philippines {"I have homesickto-sis!"}  I am just loving the weather. I just wish it would stay like this for the rest of our lives. Last December I was whining about how cold it is, and just can't wait 'til the summer gets here, but I forgot that the humidity here is NUTS. I don't mind being in the heat, but the massive humidity is just killing me. Okay, I got to stop myself from whining. Thank you for dropping by. I am now signing off, Folks. Have a gorgeous day/night ahead. Stay gorgeous. Stay happy. Stay weird. Stay positive. And most of all, stay inspired. Muahhh. See yah! 
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