Her talking and painting


(My daughter's new hobby)
 And she talks a lot. I'll post more later.
"Mom, Paw Patrol, please. Paw Patrol.
Hey! stop singing, give me chocolate. 
No more singing, please.
Let's dance, mom! 
Jj, go see momma, go! 
I yav (love) you, Mama/Daddy/Jj.
Banas (banana) mom. I need banas. 
 I have ouchy. Kiss it, please. Kiss it. Okay, that's beyer (better).
We have to play Ninja. Not red. Just blue. Mom. 
Mom, we have to go peeeee. 
Mom, I see your fat belly. 
I need sea turtles (ninja turtle ), please. 
It's okay, Buddy!
I think it's broke. 
Who broke that? Jj broke it, Mom! 
I'm busy! 
I can't spill the water. 
Oh, you're so funny.
Daddy, wanna see you?! 
Mama, I wanna hug and kiss you, please."
That's all for now, Folks. I am dozing off. See you later. Be safe. Follow me on TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle+, and Bloglovin

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