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"No life is better than another, and nothing has been without a purpose... nothing. What if we are all part of a great pattern that we may someday understand" -Winter's Tale

My princess with her old bath towel.  
 I haven't been on my computer for five days, gosh, I sure missed it.  I don't wanna get into details.  So, I'm going to move on. :D 
It just turned 12 midnight here and I decided to just stay up late even though I am getting sooooo sleepy.  I just got done cleaning our fridge (it took me forever to finish it because I always get distracted).  I am a lazy person, and most of the time, I couldn't get things done.  So, today, I am quite proud of myself for what I did, and tomorrow, I'll probably clean the other fridge and steam  the front room.   My kids and I have been watching the top grossing movie, 'Frozen'.  We've seen it like a thousand times.  It's my daughter that got hooked into this movie.  All she does is mention 'Let's watch Ana, Mama!'  We watch it online.  I am not sure if it's already on DVD.  I need to find that out and I'd be tickled if they come with digital copy.  I hope.  
Last night, my husband bought a movie '47 Ronin' and we watched it together.  At first, I wasn't sure what the movie was all about.  It was actually the movie that I've wanted to see.  When there's new films that's coming, I unfortunately couldn't track all of them.  Hence I am suffering from CRS Syndrome (Can't Remember Sh*t).  I end up wondering, asking questions to help me recall everything, and it's very irritating.  I have watched a couple of movies by myself one time...  It was I think Winter's Tale, and I couldn't remember the second one.  Dang it.  I liked them so far, and I am going to watch them again with my husband this time.  I know he'll love it especially the Winter's Tale.  The second movie was actually nuts.  I was sweating to death.  I was shaking.  I wasn't  able to sit still.  I did all the stupid-childish moves.... my favorite style which is covering my mouth while holding my breath.  As my sweat was dripping all over my body.  There's no kidding!  From head-to-toe kind of thing.  I usually like to grab something to hide with while watching some scary-thrilling movies.  I know, it's something that a child would do.  The movie was better than I expected, I had no regret watching it without my husband because I know he'll imitate me, and make fun of me.  By the time we can watch it together, it will be less tense for me and less imitating.  Thank goodness. 
Anyway, I mentioned about taking pictures of my children for my Spring Photo Collection over here, it is still my intention to get it done, soon.  But right now, I am still planning about the venue that has a nice background or shall I say view.  I usually just drag them to our yard and just bring their toys and etc.  I am thinking probably next week.  Then I could get some help from someone because my son is very stubborn.  He may be chubby, but once you are not watching him close, he'll run off.  And won't listen to anybody.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  Well, I guess, he's a boy, he's still a terrible two and I may be still whining like this for the rest of my life.  I am now facing/dealing with my own karma.  But, other than that, my son has a soft heart.  We cannot raise our voices.  I know in my heart that he will grow up with a big heart.  I just hope he will stay that way.  I was told not actually once but many times that I am beyond stubborn.  I've heard this quote from the movie, The Town; "No matter how much you change, you still have to pay the price for the things you've done."  And boy, those are my favorite lines.  
Okay, Folks...  I think that's all I can share for now, I'll let you go and I hope you'll have a tremendous joy and happiness today.  Thank you for dropping by, and I am glad that you stopped by.  See you, later.  Be safe, always.  Adios, Mis Amigos/Amigas! :D 
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