My Daughter's Favorite Things


These three are the main things that makes her happy everyday. She's got a lot of books but this is the one she likes to grab first. She's fond of fairies. And this book has a lot of magic stories. 
My Daughter has a wild imaginations about fairy wings. I just laugh so hard everytime she talks about them until she gets mad because she thought I am making fun of her. I just love listening to her talking like she's not four. And her tiny voice is just adorable. She has no idea how amazing she is. 

She calls her security blanket "baby bunny". She takes good care of it as if it's her own. Basically, she copies everything that I do to her little brother. 
I believe it was just last month when I introduced to her about saving some money. So everytime we have coins, we always hand it to her or she'll ask if she can "save the money!".  
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