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Terrific Day: Monkey's Tail


Here's some pictures of my tiny people hanging out with their friends. We were attending a birthday party and they had a blast running and mingling around. Staring at their pictures just makes me wonder how they've changed. I just couldn't believe how time flies. I am like "look at them now!". My princess is getting taller and her hair is getting longer. And my son (a.k.a. monkey) is getting wilder and wilder everyday. He is a very strong willed little boy but he has a heart of gold and way too emotional. Anyways, I'll let you enjoy their pictures. 
Jazz and the birthday celebrant. 

He's been distracted with this old piano that was in the corner. Now we know what to get him for his birthday or next birthday(s).

I am going to be honest that I can be mean. Since we call him "Monkey" as his nick name, I just hooked that thing as his tail and took a lot of pictures. It's either he's going to hate me someday, or just grin about the things I've been doing to him. I love you, son. With all of my heart. 

I know that my son would rather have that piece on his hand than hanging out with that little girl that he just met. He surely didn't like being constantly hit by a tiny girl. :D And Jazz has always been a good sister, she looks after him, she dragged him away from that little girl, and gave him a hug. 
My son was born on halloween but we have not done anything to celebrate his birthday yet. My husband's been working a lot and we've been busy lately, too. We've attended several parties so we are thinking to have a simple celebration this weekend. I got everything ready and we are excited. 
Okay Folks, I believe that's all for now. I hope you'll have a beautiful day today.  Thank you for dropping by. See you around :D Be safe.

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3 lovely thoughts

  1. They are too cute! And I love that monkey tail, lol!

  2. Very Cute! It is crazy how fast kids grow up. Thanks for sharing on the #SHINEbloghop

  3. So serious on that piano :-) ...And the size of that cake! ...Something delicious to look forward to after lots of running around.


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