Ice Traction Cleats


Right now is the perfect time to write a blog post. I have received a task the other day and I have been waiting for this perfect moment.  The kids are sound asleep and I got my laundry, and my son's room done.  So anyways, it's finally March but it's still cold and nasty outside.  We've checked our weather and it's going down to 9 degrees this weekend I believe.  We got snow here and the kids are loving it 'cause they don't get to see as much.  They were still sick at that time, but they managed to savor the flakes pouring down from the sky.  
Ever since I realized that taking the kids outside to play in this icy cold weather with my sneakers is obviously not a very smart move.  I have a couple of boots but it's not meant for slip or fall prevention.  I also have to get something for the rest of my family, of course.  I always take one of my kids with me everytime I go out, like shopping and (sometimes I would rather do it online), it depends what kind of item(s) I am getting though.  So, I have got a chance to view (or do window shopping) a snow and ice traction cleats the other day and I thought it was just a good time, you know.  I really did not think of doing it online.  And I am glad that I did.  I know that in some states, having these Cozy Winters bulk ice traction cleats' a must.  To all hardworking husbands, fellow friends, co-workers, parents and etc., work safely around ice and check the link attached how ice cleats can help.  I have to admit that I whine a lot about how cold and crazy our weather can get but compare it to the other places that are actually worse.  So, keep safe everyone and stay warm. 

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