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Oh yes, it has been a while and I have a lot of things to share. These past few weeks have been rough, but, I am built to survive hahaha. It sounds like a machine. Oh well, you'll know it when you are a mother/parent. Anyways, I will get into details later, as for now, I will just share the stuff that I can remember.  
I got this purse at Walmart. I thought I should give it a try since it's going to be nice and a little warmer this month. I have been using my other purses and it is kind of heavy and this is one is just so easy to carry around. And there's plenty of room for the kids' iPads. I am planning to take my camera out from my safe place and decided to just use my camera for a while so I'll be posting pictures here pretty soon. See you around. I hope you'll have a great day today. Be safe. 

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