Just Another Day in Paradise

Oh, it's my break time!


I was just writing on my phone earlier and didn't realize that my phone's almost dead.  I just ate my supper, I had a huge salad, and I ate it like a pig.  Oh well, I always eat everything like a pig.  I am not going to deny that.  I was starving, man.  We've been working outside, and it's cold, very, very cold.  I was bundled up good but, it was not enough, my head started hurting and my legs started freezing.  It was crazy but at least it's over, and we got everything done.  I love winter but I hate the cold sometimes.  I know it sounds dumb.  
Anyways, I got one of the kids' iPad charged that's why I am having a blast.   It's actually a break time for me.  I got them fed and they get to watch their stuff for a while, just for a while 'cause it's past bedtime.  I cannot think of anything else tonight but food.  LOL.  
We have found another restaurant that we like to go out and eat often.  But not very often.  We go out and eat a lot.  I still cook at home, of course.  We love to dine somewhere that serves good food but it doesn't have to be in fancy restaurants.  We go to Jason's Deli occasionally.  It's actually all you can eat salad.  Hhhhhmmm just saying the word "salad" makes me drool.  For some reason, I just love salad.  Anyways, my second child is so picky.    He doesn't like any veges.  My first born likes carrots and other stuff but dang, I have to put certain veges in my blender so that I can mix it to their rice.  It's crazy.  I actually add a spoonful of miso paste to add some taste, and it helps.   It's my way of making the (watery) white rice taste good and that just solved my problem.  I could not make him eat with just veges alone.  Or else, we'd end up playin hide and seek.  Okay Folks, I don't know what else to say.  I believe that's all for now.  The weather has gotten worse here, and my husband told me before he left to work, we might lose our power for a week.  I actually don't believe anything like that right away, but I've got all my candles, and other emergency stuff ready.   I am now signing off, I think my break time is now over, I guess.  Anyway, thank you for dropping by, until next break time. 

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