Week In Photos

Week in Photos


I don't know where to start really, I just woke up and I am just getting ready to brew my coffee, Ugh... and I still have to do some yard work, but let me get this done and posted. 

Mama got her backpack at Walmart one night for two dollars. But, I just recently got her a better one. She has other purses and backpacks but, the one that I just bought online should be perfect for her to carry around on a daily basis. Though, this one holds her ipad good. I have not told her anything about the item that i got for her yet. 

We went to eat an Indian Food on my day off. I love how they make their foods, it is soul satisfying. And we also love their desserts. 
We went to see multiple gorgeous movies, we watched Warcraft, Angry Birds, and TMNT. Now, I don't know when we can come back to the theater since we've watched so much this time. But, it was all worth it. We all had fun. 

The other day, when I came home from work, I had my son in his boxers cause we ran out of diapers, it's one of my biggest fears that he's still not potty trained. Fortunately, I made him put his boxers on, though it didn't turn out good at first, since then, he has been cooperating very well. We are just happy as can be and I am grateful that he is finally listening to me, he made us all proud. I am just tickled.

I think I am quite satisfied with my template. I think I am going to keep this for good. I just hope I don't change my mind. Anyway, my co-worker sold me his laptop for 80 bucks. It's an HP mini. And since I was looking for something portable and affordable, I went ahead and grabbed the oppurtunity, I have been browsing for laptops at walmart and bestbuy, and I am just lucky that I got this because I cannot afford another mac computer right now. I really thought this was a good deal since the one that I saw online was more like 300 bucks almost and the used ones were like 150-200 bucks. I just hope this will last me for a long time.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and stay blessed. 

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