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Want to receive a divine pleasure from a new haircut? Learn how to make your hair salon appointments more pleasant!

1. Be honest with your hairstylist
You should always be honest when it comes to your hair. According to experts at Salon East NYC, it’s very important to have a precise and honest information about daily hair maintenance, history of treatments, and styling choices. If you tell lies, your hairstylist won’t be able to help you and your hair!

2. Bring photos
Sometimes it’s difficult to make your hairstylist understand what you want without having any visual backup; for this reason, you should definitely bring photographs of your inspiration. This little trick will help you to avoid any misunderstandings and their negative consequences.

3. Have realistic expectations
When you bring pictures of the desired haircut, you expect the hairstylists to create an exact copy on your head. Experts at Salon East NYC recommend keeping your expectations realistic if you want to avoid disappointment. Remember that photographs have numerous filters and effects, which don’t exist in a real life!

4. Avoid shocking “surprises”
If you want to make your hair salon appointment more pleasant, you should ask your hairstylist about prices in advance. There is nothing embarrassing about it; moreover, it would be more embarrassing if you don’t have enough money when it’s time to pay.

5. Assess your efforts
There is another thing you should be honest about – an amount of time you can dedicate to your hair every day. Some styles require a lot of time and efforts, that’s why you should decide if you can maintain them on a regular basis.

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