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Just 'cause it's PINK

I really hope these are good books. I just bought them the other day. It took me for a while to pick which one to buy. I am still hunting some beautiful places to visit online. And think I know where to go next. Since my little boy's birthday is coming up, I don't know if we can really go. But there's always a next time you know. I just love strolling during this weather. 
Anyway, while I was busy trying to take pictures of the books that I just got, I just thought to take a snap photo of my cute pink candle that I got from Walmart. I don't have any plan to use this at all. It's gonna stay there forever. The reason why I picked this one, it's because "it's pink" nothing else. I was just attracted to it.

Okay, let's move on to this picture.  Since Kelly Clarkson's new song just came out, I've been listening to it a thousand times. I have been her avid fan since I was a teenager. I just love her songs. 

I took this picture just recently this afternoon. She was on the chair watching me taking a picture of her bother who fell asleep in the high chair while eating a boiled eggs. It was just the cutest thing on earth. This time, I didn't miss posting it on my Facebook. I thank God and my husband everyday for giving me a such beautiful babies. They may not be a picture perfect, but for me, they are beyond perfect. 

And here it is.... sound asleep. 

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  1. You have the cutest kids with the cutest cheeks!! Happy WW and thanks for linking up :)

    PS: Pink is my favorite color



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