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Decided to grow long hair? Learn about the most annoying problems of long-haired women and think again.

1. Hair products are expensive
Even if you are not obsessed with brands, long hair can be rather expensive in terms of hair products. Long hair means that you’ll have to use more product at least for covering your locks. Experts at NYC Hair Salon recommend using only the most important products like shampoo and conditioner in this case.

2. There are too many tangles
If you have long hair, then you definitely want to wear it loose, so everyone can enjoy its unbelievable beauty. There is only one problem – tangles. Be prepared to deal with tangles ifyou prefer to wear your hair loose. It’s important to stay patient and do everything slowly in order to avoid breakage!

3. Washing becomes a challenge
Long-haired women often face the problem of washing, which becomes a real challenge for them. The whole process is very time-consuming because you have to shampoo, condition, detangle, and dry your hair. For this reason, it’s essential to wash your hair less often but more effectively!

4. It gets stuck everywhere
Long hair has an unpleasant tendency to get stuck everywhere – doorknob, zipper, food, and
even in your mouth; this is exactly why, it’s important to pay attention and learn to avoid these situations. Otherwise, you can unexpectedly lose a few precious tresses!

5. Lack of styling enthusiasm
According to hairstylists at NYC Hair Salon, many women become tired of long locks and simply don’t have an enthusiasm for styling. You can keep the length and learn to create 
super easy hairstyles or switch to a shorter length.

Follow these tips from and be fabulous!

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