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 These easy tips will help you to maintain your children’s hair without problems!

There is nothing more difficult than making your children sit still and styling their hair. We’ve 
consulted experts at Fashion Hair Salon to find out how to maintain hair of your kids without

1. Detangle regularly
Since children run, jump, and play all the time, their hair becomes tangled unbelievably 
quickly. It’s essential to get rid of knots on a regular basis because eventually, you’ll have to 
deal with a hair catastrophe. Make sure you use gentle tools like soft bristle brush or a wide-
tooth comb to make the process as painless as possible.

2. Make it fun
Since many kids dislike the process of detangling and hair styling, you should use secret 
tricks. The best way to maintain your children’s hair is to turn it into entertainment. If the 
hairstyle will take more than 20 minutes, you can turn on a movie, provide your kid with 
interesting books or tasty snacks. You can also simply communicate with your offspring and 
strengthen the ties between you too.

3. Be patient and gentle
It’s extremely important to stay patient and gentle when dealing with your children’s hair. 
Avoid detangling in haste because it will inevitably lead to tears and stubborn unwillingness 
of to repeat this experience. You can style your kid’s hair in the evening and then simply 
refresh it in the morning to save your time.

4. Stick to the essentials
Experts at Fashion Hair Salon recommend abstaining from gels, mousses, serums, etc. 
Children don’t need as many styling products as adult people use because their hair is 
beautiful naturally. All you need is shampoo and conditioner! Sometimes you can add natural
oils for making the detangling process easier.

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