Mirai Face


It was weeks ago when I got this item FROM True Company [A Beauty Company]. I smiled and pleased with the product. I owned something like this years ago, and it was too rough on my skin. And I honestly think this one works just fine. I would say, I am going to keep this for good and won't give it away to someone else. Reasons why I like this product; Because of the soft bristles. It is small enough to fit into my makeup bag, very easy to clean. It has 14 mode/s options. Plus, it is PINK! And I would recommend this to my friends and my family.

Closer LOOK and Instructions:  

Choose the preferred intensity using the + and - indicators next to the center button. Choose from 14 modes to find the most comfortable for you. Use the wide bristle beads on one side of the mirai face for general cleansing of your full face. Use the narrow bristle beads on theother side of the device for more stubborn areas such as areas around the nose and near the eyes. A smaller set of defined bristle beads at the top of the mirai face is for more thorough treatment of sensitive areas at the hairline, under the eyes, around the nose and chin. This will deliver precise treatment for troubled areas where pores are clogged and extra measures for cleansing are desired.

To charge it, attach the enclosed charging cord to the Mirai Face into the jack located under a silicone flap located at the bottom front of the device. While charging the indicator ligt will flash, charging is complete when the indicator light glows without flashing. 

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