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Essential ways to keep your dreadlocks clean


Learn simple ways to prevent buildup in your locks!

The buildup is one of the most common problems of women wearing dreadlocks since this hair easily traps dirt and product residue. This is what you should do to prevent nasty buildup and keep your locks healthy:

1. Cleanse your locs regularly
Regular cleansing is an important part of hair care regimen, and dreadlocks are not an exception. Experts at the Best Salon NYC recommend shampooing your hair once a week because this is the most optimal frequency. Nevertheless, you should develop a washing routine, which works best for you!

2. Clarify from time to time
Clarifying shampoo can help to prevent buildup or combat the existing one, so use it from time to time. Since each hair is unique, it’s up to you how often to clarify. Most people do it once a month, but you can vary the frequency according to your needs.

3. Avoid heavy hair products
The best way to keep your dreadlocks clean is to have the right hair products in your arsenal. Avoid heavy and cream-based products, which are more likely to cause buildup and weigh your hair down. Give preference to a lightweight formula when choosing conditioner, oils, and gels for your locks.

4. Know when enough is enough
Even if you use products with a lightweight formula, it’s essential to know when enough is enough. Some people suffer from buildup because they pour too much product on their hair. Experts at the Best Salon NYC recommend starting small and then gradually increasing the amount of product if needed.

Follow these simple tips from and have no worries about buildup!

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