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Home guide to relaxing your hair like a pro


Find out how to relax your locks like a professional!

If you don’t have a time or cash to make an appointment for relaxing your locks, don’t worry. We’ve consulted professionals at New York Hair Salon and prepared this helpful guide for our readers:

1. Test a relaxer first
It’s essential to apply chemicals to a small section to get an idea of the general result. If you relax your hair on your own for the first time, you have even more reasons to perform a 
strand test first. It is a great way of preventing unpleasant surprises.

2. Avoid cleansing your hair
One of the main rules of using a relaxer is that your hair should be a little bit dirty. Avoid 
shampooing and applying chemicals to freshly washed hair because you will get nothing but disappointment. Plan this process in advance and abstain from cleansing for a couple of days.

3. Work in small sections
Since natural black hair is usually thick and full, it’s better and much easier to work in small 
sections. Divide your locks into a few layers and use clippers to keep them separated. This 
technique also helps to achieve better results because chemicals can’t deal with a lot of hair.

4. Read instructions
If you want to relax your hair like a pro, you should follow professional instructions written on the box. You should pay special attention to the time frames! According to experts at New York Hair Salon, many women make a mistake of holding a relaxer for too long, which leads to unpleasant consequences. So, follow the directions!
Stick to these valuable tips from to achieve satisfactory results!

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