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Little secrets of effective home touch-ups


Learn how to touch up the relaxed hair without damage!

Many women give preference to home touch-ups instead of professional treatments at Hair 
Salons. We understand this decision and want to share some valuable secrets with our 

1. Check your supplies first
It’s essential to check your at-home kit before applying the chemicals for avoiding unpleasant surprises. Pay special attention to a neutralizing shampoo, which stops the 
chemicals and doesn’t let them destroy your locks. Sometimes women with thick and long 
hair can’t provide the full coverage, thus making their locks suffer!

2. Stick to the recommended time
Different hair types have different growth patterns; for this reason, it’s difficult to find time 
frames, which would work for everybody. Nevertheless, experts at Best Salon NYC 
recommend sticking to the schedule in instructions. If you use a relaxer too frequently, you 
risk overprocessing your hair with strong chemicals.

3. Prevent burning sensation
Burning sensation during a chemical treatment is a bad sign because you shouldn’t feel any discomfort or pain. If you have a sensitive scalp, it’s important to shield it from unpleasant consequences beforehand. You can either use a protective product from your kit or base your scalp with a simple vaseline.

4. Shield already relaxed hair
Many women overprocess their hair by applying chemicals to the already relaxed part! It can happen due to the lack of time, experience gap, or the work with hard-to-reach places. 
Experts at Best Salon NYC recommend shielding your hair with the help of a conditioner, 
which will ensure thorough protection and prevent negative consequences.
Stick to our advice and have successful home treatments!

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