Stainless steel grill pan


I got this stainless steel grill pan from Cave Tools a couple weeks ago. I am thrilled that I own one now and it's STAINLESS STEEL and it came with care instructions. Plus, I love stainless steel!!!! To all vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers out there, you need to get one of these. 

We cook our food in stainless steel pan/s since last year. And we've stopped eating meat, too. We’ve stopped eating meat for health reasons. I am glad that we did! I am not going to lie, we still eat desserts and of course junk foods sometimes, but so far, we’ve maintained eating like this, even when we go out and eat, just all veggies and fruits, we are trying to avoid all processed and fast foods, too. I still couldn't believe we gave up meat for over a year now. It’s kind of a little weird but I have come to a conclusion that I’ve got to change our lifestyle and it has to come from us as parents. It's a work in progress. We may have stopped eating meat but that doesn't mean I can't use this pan, in fact, this stainless steel grill pan is great for veggies, veggie patties, vegan hot dogs, and more. It's very easy to clean, and the size is just perfect, plus it's affordable. 

Okay, what's cool about this pan is, you can use it anywhere to cook / grill your veggies and meats. This pan is not nonstick, so you'd have to spray it first with a cooking spray. It's ideal for small foods like side dishes, it has easy grip handles which is perfect for a get-together, holidays, birthday gatherings or even on a daily basis because it's very convenient, and this pan would still look great after using an abrasive scrubber, or a stainless steel grill brush. 

I highly recommend this product over a nonstick coated pans simply because it's safe and it's durable and it will indeed last you a lifetime. To be honest, we've owned several nonstick coated pans, but after several uses, the pan has scratches and chipped plus the chemicals they've added to that product is actually not healthy for you.  

Overall this is a great product, and I truly believe that this will last for a long time just like our other stainless steel kitchen items. You can get this item through Amazon. And use the coupon code GRILLPAN15 to get 15% off. If you have any questions about your purchase, you can easily email or call them. And for more stainless steel items, you can go to their website 

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