Bbq grilling gloves (oven mitts)


I got these bbq grilling gloves (oven mitts) from Cave Tools. Okay, their products are good from cookware, grilling accessories, and etc. I have reviewed them for the third time now. This may not much for some bloggers but I am honored. I get to test such high-quality products and get to keep them. The first product I have received from them was a stainless steel bbq tool set, and recently it was a stainless steel grill pan.

Okay, I burn myself a lot, especially when I am in a hurry or when I am not paying attention, it's either if I am at work baking or I am at home cooking. Plus, I am very clumsy, I get burns here, cuts there most likely. This is a game changer simply because of how its made, unlike the ones we have at work, at home or even the ones you see in the store that after multiple uses, it'll start tearing or wearing off. See, I have the same problem at work even at home. That's why I was excited to try this product, I am excited to use it daily, it may not be at work, but I'll enjoy grilling, and making food at home without burning myself. Here are some other uses for these gloves; picking or moving hot grill grates, moving logs in a fire pit, getting stuff from the oven, you can also use these for moving logs in a fire pit, and always try to be careful before grabbing something extremely hot. These gloves are so easy to clean, just toss it to the washing machine or just straight into your sink with soapy water. 

As you can see in the picture, the material itself is pretty well made and it is pretty thick. It has a good combination of flexibility and grip. To those who have bigger hands, the gloves will stretch out. These gloves have a comfy fitting and it actually holds my fingers good. This is what you have to keep in mind that the fabric in the glove is not waterproof. Hot liquids can burn you through but these are rated at 662 degrees Fahrenheit (for heat resistance) and if you are just barbecuing or baking, you should be just fine. And this is very ideal for cold weather too, you can keep your hands warm while working or cooking outdoors. 

These kind of gloves are perfect for your parents, partners or friends who like to cook a lot, so head over to their website Cave Tools or Amazon and please don't forget to use the coupon code GrillGlove15 to get 15 percent off. 

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