Stainless Steel Pellet Tube


I got another item from Cave Tools again, and it's Pellet Tube Smoker and it seems to be a very high-quality product. This pellet tube smoker is designed for any grill and it's perfect for cold and hot smoking sausages, pork, hot dogs, chicken, and more. Also, this tube is made from stainless steel which is very safe, it's very light, durable,  and easy to clean. And it only takes up a little space on your grates. 

To start it off, you have to pack it tight with pellets and stand it vertically and you'd have to light it with a torch, it's easier that way than using a regular lighter. Once you torch the pellets, you have to let it burn for a few minutes and then blow out the fire. You have to position the tube in the corner of the grill so the smoke can circulate over the food. Just in case if your pellets have absorbed moisture, then you need to dry them out first, you can simply microwave the pellets for 90 seconds, it also depends how much pellets you're going to use or it could be lack of oxygen. And you don't have to worry about refilling the tube because a full tube will smoke for more than 8 hours. This is actually ideal for big gatherings.

Every month, Cave Tools pick a new customer and send them a free product of their choice. Click this link here. You can also download the smoker app to master meat smoking. So head over to their website Cave Tools or Amazon and please don't forget to use the coupon code PelletSmoker15 to get 15 percent off. 

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